Who is The Tin Man?

“The Tin Man, reflects the changes in my life over the last several years. As in the Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man found that he always had a heart, but it was just rusty…through the success of my last album, I’ve found where I need to be. I was lost in many ways, but now I’ve found the love and purpose in my life to give my music greater meaning.”

~ Aaron Parnell Brown

With his trailblazing, instantly memorable songs and gritty, unvarnished vocals, Aaron Parnell Brown is among the most extraordinary up-and-comers in the roots rhythm and blues world. His deep familiarity with the roots rhythm and blues tradition allows him to bust the genre wide open, adding new sounds, colors and textures, all delivered with a revival tent preacher's fervor and a natural storyteller's charisma. Since the 2012 release of his self-released debut, Sing, Brown's meteoric rise from playing small clubs in Northeastern Pennsylvania to playing live on the iconic NPR roots music show Mountain Stage (in West Virginia) is nothing short of phenomenal. With accolades like winning an Independent Music Award and Soul/R&B Artist Of The Year (Tri State Indie Music Awards) he continues to set the roots rhythm and blues world on fire. 

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